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PLEASE NOTE - as of 1st November 2016
The Oxalis Group was acquired by Eaton,
as a result of this all orders should now
be placed on Eaton MEDC Ltd.

Oxalis are technology leaders in the field of explosion-protected camera stations. They are designed for longevity in the harshest of conditions and apart from very basic cleaning and checks, are designed to be maintenance free resulting in very low cost of ownership. All camera stations are 316L stainless steel constructed and manufactured at Oxalis’ UK facility.

Oxalis Solutions

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The Oxalis range of CCTV camera stations are specifically designed for use in the demanding oil & gas and other extreme environments and use leading edge technology such as full High Definition (HD) over IP technology.


Oxalis Camera Technology

Oxalis utilize the latest technology; High Definition IP cameras were introduced to the range in 2013, fully tested against the environments into which they would be installed, greatly enhancing image quality.

Fibre transmission can be embedded in the camera station for both analogue and IP technology in single mode or multimode formats. IP over Coax is now a standard option, again built into the camera housing to save configuration complexity and cost.

There are supply voltage options for all fixed and PTZ camera formats: 24VAC, 110VAC or 230VAC. PoE is also an option for some fixed camera options.

The philosophy behind all Oxalis CCTV configurations is to incorporate the latest technology and reduce overall cost to the client. In most cases, the need for an Ex d junction box is eliminated as a result of building the camera stations to suit the site requirement; for example, a 230VAC HD IP PTZ camera station with “Direct Fibre Out” handles all the technology in the camera stations, thus, while it is recommended that an enclosure is placed near the camera as a point of termination, that enclosure need only be for electrical terminations and fibre splicing (Ex e), offering a substantial financial benefit over the need for an Ex d enclosure with powered devices.

XT Series

3D Rotatable Representation of the XT26 Series, Please use your cursor to rotate the product. 


Low Light And Thermal Solutions

For low light, the Oxalis XT range of PTZs and EXIR illuminators can be specified giving a nominal range of 175m depending on environmental conditions and reflectivity. For constant monitoring in poor environmental conditions, Oxalis have a range of thermal imaging with lens size options that can be specified for specific tasks per project, for example process monitoring, security or flare stack monitoring. Dual Imaging technology allows the best optimization between day – night vision and thermal imaging by switching between two camera modules within one camera station, giving three viewing options – colour, black and white or thermal.

Oxalis camera stations can be purchased as components, built and configured specifically to suit the needs of a particular project and can be operated through most common Onvif compliant Video Management Systems or can be supplied as part of a larger Eaton HAC scope.


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