Rapid Deploy CCTV Systems

Manufacturers of explosion proof cameras
and rapid deploy CCTV systems.

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Specialists in explosion proof CCTV cameras and rapid deploy wireless CCTV systems for home and business security .


Rapid deploy CCTV gives instant CCTV protection with no mess. Fitted in under an hour, cameras are battery powered with no cabling required.

  • CCTV can be fitted same or next day.
  • Battery powered and wireless - no mess ,
  • Rapid security protection

Our rapid deploy wireless systems are controlled from one central point by a receiver this can also be linked to our CCTV recorder range adding up to 4 versatile cameras in additional to a present wired system.


The cameras are supplied in a choice of colours, either white or black and in total the wireless system will support up to four cameras.


There are many scenarios that may cause home or business owners to conclude that an instant CCTV system is needed to increase security around their property. Those who have been a victim of a crime such as property theft, burglary, criminal damage or fly tipping may decide that fitting CCTV cameras will be the best form of deterrent to future would be criminals. That is why rapid deploy CCTV serves such a great purpose and is so popular amongst property owners and trade installers who are appointed by home and business owners to provide an instant security solution.


About Us

Manufacturers and distributors of easy install CCTV cameras and CCTV systems, suitable for home and business surveillance.

Our cameras and systems offer WIFI technology and our battery powered which means no cabling is required. This means professional installers can install our equipment within a matter of minutes or end users can install them without having to in the professionals.

We also offer a range of explosion proof CCTV cameras which can be utilized in a variety of different environments including high risk applications and large industrial.

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